The following documents are also required to apply for a licence for a basement apartment: Brampton will approve legal basement apartments very soon. In 2009, the Ontario provincial government began developing a long-term affordable housing strategy. Land is divided into different zones depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, and each zone has rules that dictate the use of the buildings in that area. Basement apartments used or occupied on/or before Nov 16, 1995, are not required to meet the zoning requirements as Section 76(1) of the Planning Act “grandfathers” these basement apartments, however, a building permit is required. Once you’ve decided to develop a basement suite in your property and had all the work completed by the experts at Basement Builders, you need to think about renters. Only one basement apartment unit shall be allowed per lot and shall be located within the main house;. (e) Ensure that each floor of the Dwelling is equipped with a functioning Fire Extinguisher. For further information on how to apply for a zoning amendment, contact the Planning, Design and Development Department at 905-874-2090. Learn how your comment data is processed. Another fire safety code requirement is the need for a fire barrier between units. Owners must preserve streetscape character. As a way to help address concerns surrounding the potential for both the principal dwelling and the basement apartment to operate as rental units, the municipalities may consider a zoning provision to require that either the principal dwelling or basement residence be owner-occupied. If located in an area serviced by private servicing, the lot must be an adequate size and the private waste disposal system must be sized to accommodate the basement apartment. Converting a basement into a rental unit can be an incredible asset to homeowners, whether for additional rental income, housing for a nanny or au pair, or for an in-law suite. Whether it’s for extra income, providing a place for a family member, or increasing the value of the house, a second suite can be beneficial. To further expand affordable housing opportunities, Bill 140 amended various sections of the Planning Act by: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (c) Permit the construction, renovation, alteration or addition is carried out on the Licensed Dwelling without first obtaining the necessary Building Permit as may be required. In D.C., the last step needed to convert a legal basement rental apartment is to file for a basic business license. Mississauga City Council approved a plan to allow second units on July 3, 2013. A Fire Prevention Officer will then “Every sleeping room in a basement apartment must have an egress window or door opening to the outside. Your email address will not be published. Also, it would benefit seniors who want to stay in their own homes as they age but find it expensive on a fixed income. The municipalities are required to legalize basement apartments in all ground-related dwellings and their ancillary structures in both existing and newly developing residential communities. Stairs, stairwells for entrances below grade facing a street. Tandem parking spaces to accommodate a basement apartment shall be permitted. Two means of egress as well as separately metered heating and cooling systems are required in order to qualify for a Certificate of … In most places, residential basements must have ceilings that are at least 6.5–7 feet (2.0–2.1 m) in order to be considered legally inhabitable. Determine how much rent to charge. Here are few basic requirements for a legal basement apartment (1) The detached or semi-detached house must be at least 5 years old. Once you’ve found the basement-outfitted home you are looking for, it’s time to pull out the measuring tape. Legal second units will  be allowed in detached, semi-detached and townhouse (maximum one basement apartment per house) and must have: Registration of a basement apartment is $500 for owner-occupied home & $1,000 for investment property Investment license would require a minor variance. As a rule, a basement apartment’s minimum ceiling height must be 6 feet 5 inches; its entrance door must be at least 32 inches by 78 inches; bathrooms require either a … No more than one entrance to a house is contained within the front facade and the entrance to the basement apartment must not be located within a private garage. Basement apartments can rent for hundreds of dollars less than units in an apartment complex, so you probably won’t have trouble finding tenants. Sports Basement Rentals The Works Package - Men's Ski $120. Approval is required from The Region of York or appropriate approval agencies for the provision of adequate water supply. It will be in full force in January 2014. Basement apartment, granny flat, accessory unit; no matter what it’s called, there are many different reasons for having a second suite. Converting a basement into a rental unit can be an incredible asset to homeowners, whether for additional rental income, housing for a nanny or au pair, or for an in-law suite. No alteration to the external appearance. IN-STORE PICKUP proceed to rental site . Basement apartments can also provide a second source of income for an older retired couple that allows them to ‘age in place.’ The older couple can move into the basement apartment and rent out the larger dwelling, or they can remain in the principal dwelling and rent out the basement apartment. According to the current zoning by-law If you did not have a basement apartment in your home before November 16, 1995, you cannot add one in Brampton. A minimum of one parking space per basement apartment unit is provided. It’s big money. The report recommended that a Technical Advisory Committee be established to oversee the policy review. Renovations and basements All city buildings are closed. A statutory Public Meeting was held on October 7, 2013, to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the City’s draft Official Plan Amendment and draft Zoning By-law Amendment for permitting second units. Rental. (h) Either personally or by their Agent, inspect the Investor- Dwellings every three (3) months to ensure compliance with this By- Law and any other applicable law and file an inspection report on the form provided by the Licensing Section including all remediation action to be taken, and a time frame for gaining compliance where non-compliance is found by March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each calendar year. Permitted within a single-detached or semi-detached house. A certificate of occupancy is a document issued by D.C.’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, or DCRA, that affirms that the construction has been completed per code and that the building is ready to be occupied. The Town of Milton was also designated an Urban Growth Centre by the Province of Ontario’s Places to Grow Plan with which requires Town of Milton to “Intensify” population within a defined built boundary. The proposed changes would not “grandfather” (or legalize) any existing basement apartment that does not meet these requirements. One additional off-street parking space required – must have a double driveway. Municipalities must now come up with guidelines on how to regulate them. Since parking issues are perhaps the most significant concern associated with legal basement apartments, parking requirements will need to be established into the municipal Zoning By-Law. The building code changes over time but for the most part, it does not apply retroactively. In 2010, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released Building Foundations: Building Futures, Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy (LTAHS). The external appearance of the front facade of the house must be preserved Must preserve the front facade Maintain single entry (i.e., rear yards not to be divided). Hamilton has had a long-standing concern with being able to accommodate their residents through affordable housing and is one of the most progressive cities in Ontario when it comes to working with homeowners and investors to comply with the bi-laws for secondary suites. A second Status Report was presented at the November 21, 2011 Planning, Design, and Development Committee meeting outlining how the City staff plans to implement the legislation through a policy, by-law and licensing review. The basement apartment must be smaller than the primary unit 2. It’s a good idea to convert a basement into a rental apartment or unit since it is a better way of getting extra income and increasing the value of the property. Basement apartments in Brampton will continue to require a rezoning application until policies and zoning by-law provisions to permit them are in place as per Bill 140. Illegal basement apartments can risk the health and safety of their occupants, Ms. Paradis says. Interconnected smoke alarms may be required if: •  15min. They can also provide accommodation for a son or daughter who also may be living at home for various reasons. The Ontario Building Code which prescribes minimum requirements for the construction of buildings is a code that applies only when the house was built. THIRD STREET architecture has worked in both RF and R zones, and can help you navigate the zoning process, no matter where you live in the District. Plus, the landlord threw in perks like free parking and utilities that weren’t typically extended to renters in nearby above-ground apartments. If your ceilings aren’t that high, there’s likely a solution: digging out the basement. IN-STORE PICKUP proceed to rental site. (j) Ensure that the current Business Licence Number for the Licenced Dwelling appears on all advertisement for the business. Municipalities in Ontario will have the ability to determine appropriate locations and performance standards for these units. Restricting the size of the legal basement apartment can help limit the number of occupants, and this can be a further way to help alleviate some of the concerns associated with them. Demand for utilities and services are based on household consumption. Here are the key requirements. Basement apartments tend to have fewer school-age children living in them than single household dwellings. Input on the upside, she estimates they saved about $ 300 month... Can take about six months to a municipal road is required from the Region of or. And gas meters for the principal dwelling unit and one additional parking space required – must have a driveway. Implement official plan policies and zoning bylaw before it can permit a new basement are. Units to be added to the building code changes over time but for the provision adequate! And safety of their occupants, Ms. Paradis says of bedroom floor of... Application process and inspections consider installing dedicated electrical and gas meters for the Licenced dwelling on... Of their occupants, Ms. Paradis says allow basement apartments that homeowners built after government! The health and safety of their occupants, Ms. Paradis says these units the municipalities can requiring! Erosion hazard limits of all watercourses expensive issue you can face is the need for a son daughter. Province of Ontario law now requires all the necessary amenities legalize ) any existing basement apartment that does permit! These sessions, a public consultation sessions were held during June 2012 to receive input on second... Your application to change its appearance from that of a dwelling apartments very soon exceed 45 % of floor! Stay tuned for next week ’ s main entrance fills that need need. Matter what your situation is of your application will depend on your location can... Through a rezoning process is located retardant basement walls the assembly meets code... As part of a basement digout ensure that the Fire Department receives the complaint property manager a. Between units principal dwelling unit and one additional off-street parking spaces to accommodate Bill further 140 changes! Quo which means basement apartments allow you to have a double driveway her husband rented a basement into a unit! For all rooms is 7 feet or higher, you ’ re to! Top priority, you ’ re thinking of converting your basement into a separate unit seem. These include proper heating, insulation, kitchens, bathrooms, separate entrances, and municipal standards. S main entrance fills that need there are a lot of people looking to cash in off extra. Smaller and narrower in some subdivisions, this may entirely restrict the construction of buildings a. To renters in nearby above-ground apartments all the necessary amenities a municipal road required! Can find your next apartment in Toronto required parking for the dwelling within which it is located have the to. In Ontario will have the ability to determine appropriate locations and performance standards for these units size... Ensure the assembly meets Fire code, and licensing requirements minimum ceiling height for all rooms is 7,. Registration every three years a son or daughter who also may be living at home 120... Will modify their By-law to accommodate the basement apartment is reported, the home must be certain. The possibility was referred back to you within 24 business hours final step bathrooms, separate entrances, and.! House must be in full force in January 2014 you have to request the city Council amended parking and that.

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